Highly Recommended Tutor!!

“I met Ms. Kathy in 2011 through Care.com. She tutored my sons (8 and 9 years old) 2 days/week from October 2011 to May 2012. Ms. Kathy was a wonderful tutor– caring, reliable, punctual, honest, friendly, and professional. Ms. Kathy went above and beyond what we expected from a tutor. When I had concerns with my older son’s reading comprehension, she communicated with my son’s teacher via email regarding how to better help my son. My kids enjoyed her and we have seen a lot of progress this past year. I would highly recommend Ms. Kathy for any tutoring position.”  Vicki 2012


Miss Kathy is 5 Stars; Son Loves Her!

“Miss Kathy answered my ad and I am extremely pleased to have chosen her because she is definitely the right choice for my son. Kathy O. is the type of tutor who remains focused yet is friendly and welcoming.  It was very obvious from our first session she knew what she was doing and had already formulated a simple reward type break so that after my son did 15 mins. of work, she had him tell her a quick story or color one of the necessary pictures for his homework (a simple task that took about 1 – 2mins so it didn’t defer from actual work and allowed my son, 6, to bond – plus, he loves to talk so it was great).

The second time she came over, she had plan on how to accomplish what had to be done to get my son to the next step. She had printed several words and was on a mission. She has been wonderful and I plan on having her work w/ my 1st grader throughout the year and possibly into 2nd grade.  She’s helped him pick up on things I was unable or too impatient too. She is friendly but also focused on work so my son gets a lot done while feeling at ease. I’ve seen improvements in his reading and understanding. She’s been working with him for around a month and a half. I am very pleased.  She is prompt and it is also easy to get in touch with her. 5 stars.” Amy 2011


“You have been just wonderful with your student.  It sounds like so many things are kind of opening up for her.  Thanks so much for everything that you are doing to help her.  I mean that.  It is really a big deal what you guys are doing.  Your relationship and what you have been able to do together has far exceeded anything that I expected.  Keep up the great work! ”

Feedback regarding an adult learner at Second Start Literacy


 We hope to see you again soon.  We really appreciate all of your dedication and hard work over the year.  The girls will miss you!  You have made such a difference in each of their lives.

2011 Girls Inc. Feedback